Computer Simulation


Computer Simulation

The followings are ESTECH specialties and examples of computer simulation. ESTECH consistently develop and innovate new technology, which always provides clients the best solution to any technical problems of the product in its development phase.

Noise & Vibration Analysis

Gear Noise Analysis

The example reveals the approach to analyze very complicated phenomenon such as gear noise.

Break Squeal Noise Analysis

The example notifies design guideline of brake system by stability criterion applying complex eigenvalue analysis to self-induced vibration such as brake squeal noise and effective analysis method is shown.

Chattering Analysis and Countermeasure on Machine Tool

Both physical test and computer simulation approach are indispensable to solve the machine tool chattering problem, which is clearly described with the example.

Vehicle Interior Noise Prediction by Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis

The example indicates how to apply FSI analysis to predict vehicle interior noise.

Noise Radiation Analysis by Acoustic Boundary Element Method

Computer simulation model is developed to reduce copier and/or printer noise which enable to simulate high frequency noise and evaluate effective countermeasures, which is shown by the example.

Non-Linear Analysis

Stress Analysis at Bolt Screw

The example introduces the method to predict stress amplitude at a bolt screw of machine structure which is under operating condition and including nonlinear phenomena such as contact and plastic behavior as well as axial force and shape of thread of a bolt. The simulation is to be conducted with practical computer cost

Springback Behavior Simulation

The example simulates the springback behavior of steel plate under the condition of tensile bending.

MBD (Model Based Development)


ESTECH proposes to incorporate and combine MBD, which considers plural contribution factors to develop decent base design and makes a significant contribution in concept design stage with the legacy precise analytical models based on over 30 years of experience to use the legacy CAE analysis of the company.

Consulting Service for Mechanical MBD Process Development

In order to develop high quality product design by utilizing a design process such as moving from conceptual initial design to precise design, the following services are provided based on the achievements, expertise and experiences of the company.
- 1D model development to set a design target
- Technology development to transform from 1D to 3D

3D Model to 1D Model Transformation

Reducing DOF of 3D mechanical kinematic model enables to transforms the model from 3D into 1D with high-accuracy and lower DOF for control design, which enable to conduct coupling simulation with control and apply the model to real time simulator.

Multi-Physics Model Development

The computer simulation model of whole mechanical system is delivered, which consists of control, electrical circuit, sensor, actuator considering mechanism, structural elasticity with even vibration characteristics by making use of multi-physics modeling techniques like kinematical mechanism modeling, its reduction modeling, control modeling and actuator modeling including electromagnetic characteristics.

Kinematical Mechanism Analysis

About Kinematic Mechanism Analysis

General information about the ESTECH mechanism analysis is stated down below.。

Vehicle Engine Stop/Start Vibration Analysis

Optimizing the layout of vehicle power-plant rubber mountings and their design parameters. The example shows reduction of engine rigid body vibration as well as vehicle body forward and back vibration caused by cited engine vibration at an engine stop/start condition.。

Vehicle Engine Idling Vibration Analysis

The example introduces analytical method to predict and reduce engine vibration in its idling condition. Besides the vibration transmitted from engine mounting system, nonlinear multiple vibration transmission path need to be counted, such as vibrations from exhaust system and suspension through driveshaft.

Vehicle Steering Shimmy Analysis

The phenomenon is a resonance vibration circumferential direction of steering wheel caused by uneven attrition of brake disk and/or rotational imbalance of tire with road wheel. The vibration characteristics of power steering system involving nonlinearity such as friction as an example, which affects the phenomenon is well known. Recently, new factors such as electrically-operated power steering and hydraulic rubber suspension bush have to be included in the simulation model, which make the simulation more complicated.

Printer/Copier Motion and vibration Analysis

Kinematic simulation models for office automation equipment such as printing and/or copy machines need to consider various kinds of elements such as wide-ranging of vibration sources (driving motor, gear sets, etc.), backlashes, nonlinear mechanism ( cogged belt, sliding mechanism, paper feeding, etc.), machine frame vibration characteristics and self-induced vibration of paper feeding structure.。

Integrated Vehicle CAE Simulation Model Development and Analysis

The integrated vehicle CAE model is a means to accomplish Virtual Product Development( VPD ) which makes possible to study a vehicle performance efficiently. The model consists of "Vehicle Model", "Control Model", "Data Base" and "Automated Calculation Scheme" enable to shorten development time, improve development efficiency and cut development cost furthermore, which are essential for vehicle development processes.

Thermal & Thermal Flow Analysis

Peltier Device Heat Absorption Analysis

The example shows heat transfer model of Peltier device.

Vehicle Exhaust Manifold Thermal Deformation Analysis

The example shows the simulation reproduces the actual thermal deformation of vehicle exhaust manifold.

Thermal & Thermal Flow Coupling Analysis of Vehicle Fuel Tank

Optimizing structure of fuel tank making use of its heat balance calculated by simulation model.

Electromagnetic Field Analysis

Steady-state Characteristic Analysis of Synchronous Motor

In addition to a basic synchronous motor analysis, optimization study for shape of motor element is conducted by analyzing electromagnetic force precisely and excitation force to the motor structure is made an index.

Invertor Excitation Force Analysis

The structural excitation force to reactor, which generates invertor noise, is Analyzed by simulation and shown as an example.

Solenoid Valve Response Analysis

The example shows the analysis of solenoid valve for a vehicle engine as an example of the actuator applying electromagnetic force.

Multidiscipline Analysis ( Coupling Analysis )

Modeling of Squeeze-Film Damper Phenomenon

The fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis is applied to the phenomenon which is utilized in MEMS devices and it is shown as an example

Structure-Control Coupling Analysis

Three ways of the analysis and unique analysis technology of the company are introduced.

Reverse Engineering

A Full Package Sales of a Vehicle Suspension and a tire FE Model

At this point of time, front and rear suspension and tire model of 2013 VW Golf 7 are in the catalogue. The FE models are well correlated to the test data the company measured on its own, which can be perfectly fit to analyze road noise phenomenon.

FE Model development

The reverse engineering method to develop high-accuracy FE models and a road wheel model is shown as an example.

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