Consulting Services by way of CAE, this is in combination with Physical Test and Computer Simulation


ESTECH is an only one company adopting "Physical Test driven CAE" as its slogan
CAE business community is polarized. Business model of the company does not face to "Mass Operation" and/or "Work Force Intensive Outsourcing" which deal with formalized and standardized data.

Basically, ESTECH puts high-end engineering consulting services into practice to resolve client's engineering problems, such as noise & vibration, kinematic mechanism, stress and thermal analyses, in combination with physical test and computer simulation as well as developing unique and pragmatic software to challenge the problem.

Again, ESTECH is providing client's cutting edge of technology utilizing CAE in combination with physical test and computer simulation like both wheels of a vehicle, which distinguishes ESTECH as an one and only company.

Computer Simulation
Some of the examples are shown. Besides, ESTECH is continuously developing new technologies and always provides clients with best in class solutions for clients' engineering problems.
Physical Test
Introducing ESTECH Technology Development Center and showing some examples of test consulting projects.
ESTECH continues providing heigh-end and pragmatic experimental technique.
The software ESTECH develops are introduced showing examples which helps client engineer's test/analysis work.
The software ESTECH develops has been based on expertises and experiments of engineers in the company.
The software shown in the list is used in real projects as a practical manner.

Business flow

As shown down below, ESTECH always meet clients to listen to their problems in face and develop a proposal, which indicates a statement of work: SOW for the first place. Through the profound communication with a client based on the proposal, the client approves the SOW which lists solvent of the problems, accomplishment schedule and outputs. At the same time and in front of the project stat, both parties have to conclude a "Master Agreement" or "Separate Engagement" in general.

When the project is completed, ESTECH makes delivery of output listed in SOW, such as a written report including technical content of the project, computer simulation models and physical test data. If clients request to transfer its technical content, ESTECH provide it by way of technology transfer project.

ESTECH engineers meet clients and interview them. Clients do neither need to do a time consuming preparation nor require long interview at all.
ESTECH develops SOW which describes a scenario/approach of attacking the problems. Based on the initial SOW, ESTECH always discuss with clients sincerely until both parties agree the contents mutually.
ESTECH assigns well-suited engineer to conduct a project within the scope of the SOW. If the project requires extended period of time, midterm report and/or meeting is to be scheduled accordingly.
Right after completing the project work, ESTECH conducts final report meeting and delivers final report. If the technology transfer phase is scheduled in the SOW, ESTECH provides technical training to client's engineer.

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