About Us


About us

ESTECH is an "Engineering Consulting Company" which provides an engineering service to resolve engineering problems by applying both physical test and computer simulation after seeing through the essence of them.

ESTECH has been providing an engineering know-how as well as support clients' R&D activities by combining mechanism analysis utilizing physical test and computer simulation for dynamics problems such as vibration, noise and kinematics of mainly vehicle, machine and structure. ESTECH has the most excellent reputation in those technologies in Japan.

ESTECH has its own physical test facility which makes it possible to offer a blanket order entry of physical test and computer simulation. Taking advantage of its own physical test capabilities, from the foundation of the company, ESTECH is promoting "Physical Test Driven CAE", which differentiates ESTECH from competitions. If, however, ESTECH doesn't possess any special test facilities and/or equipment by chance, ESTECH rent them from its allied companies.

ESTECH specializes in the sales and technical support of experimental setup such as data acquisition system and software, which ESTECH uses for the consulting project daily.

Description of ESTECH Business

Engineering consulting for machine product design
Engineering Consulting

  • Performance prediction of client's design by CAE simulation combined with physical test
  • Technical transfer through training for CAE simulation and physical test 
  • CAE software & tool development

Object Machine Product

  • Automobile and its parts
  • Precision machinery, Electronics, Electric machinery and apparatus
  • Construction machinery
  • General industrial machinery
  • Rail vehicle, Marine vessel
  • Space aeronautics
  • Amusement machinery

Technology Field

  • Noise & vibration, Ride comfort, Sound quality, Noise path identification analyses, etc.
  • Linear and non-linear static analyses (Ex. stress, deformation simulation, etc)
  • Kinematic mechanism, Thermal and its flow analyses
  • Magnetic field analysis
  • Physical test for the above fields

Sales and technical support for Noise and Vibration experimental setup such as Bruel & Kjaer data acquisition system and software

We are your partner

ESTECH is a professional team of mechanical engineers who are providing clients the engineering consulting services to solve their engineering problems as a partner by combining physical test and computer simulation, which requires high expertise and know-how,. The principle, "We are your partner" has been generated by the stance of every ESTECH engineer over time and taken root in the company naturally.



ISID Group Companies

  • Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.

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