CAE Software

MSC Nastran FE analysis
Adams Kinematic Mechanism Analysis
Marc Nonlinear FE analysis
Actran Acoustic analysis
Abaqus Nonlinear FE analysis
Isight Optimization
NX I-deas CAD/CAM/CAE Integrated software
Fluent GP Flow analysis
MpCCI Interface of Multiphysics coupling analysis
HyperWorks Pre & Post processor
ANSA Pre-processor
μETA Post Post-processor
MATLAB/Simulink System control simulator
Maple Formula manipulation, Numerical formula model design software
MapleSim Physical model in interdisciplinary area simulator, 1D model
JMAG Magnetic field analysis
Test for I-deas Physical test data processor, modal analysis, correlation
Sound Quality Sound quality analysis, factorial analysis
PULSE Physical test data processor, modal analysis, correlation

Experimental Setups

Facility Acoustic glass wool(50mm)
(Side wall & celling)
- Lab.1-5
- Excitation roomA、B
- Vehicle test preparation room
Acoustic wedges (500mm)
Background Noise level 6.8dB(A)
- Hemi-anechoic room
Space coordinates measuring tool Three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrumen
Test data acquisition system Multi-channel data acquisition system
: Maximum 279 ch simultaneous measurement
: Dynamic range 160 dB
Portable FFT
Data recorder
Motion capture equipment High-speed video camera
Motion analysis software
Control device for shaker Digital vibration control device
Accelerometer Piezoelectric type acceleration pickup
Servo type acceleration pickup
Strain type acceleration pickup
Displacement gauge Laser type gauge
Wire type gauge
Microphone Condenser microphone
- 1/2" model number
- 1/4" size
- Surface microphone
Amplifier Strain type Amplifier
Position detector Fiber sensor
Rotation detector High speed FV convertor
FV converter
Roller encoder
Force detection Piezoelectric load cell
Load cell
Excitation equipment Hydraulic shaker
Hammering Kits
Electro-magnetic shaker
Speaker Dodecahedral Speaker
Inertial Sensor Inertial Measurement Unit
Inertial 6-axis Unit
Biological Signal Sensor Electromyograph
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ISID Group Companies

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